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2013 in review

Haven’t had many posting for Path Of Souls in the last while…so many other things going on that are equally or more exciting than the release of my film.

As some of you may know Path Of Souls is now screening regularly in HD on Super Channel in Canada. I don’t have a date yet for DirecTV in the US but it is coming.

We will be showing Path Of Souls theatrically in First Nations in the first quarter of 2014 in 4K, complete with Surround Sound and projected on a 25 foot wide screen. Think about that -it’s wider than most people’s walls in the average home! And we will be selling DVD’s and BluRay’s along with popcorn and soft drinks on site -all in support of Aboriginal film! Oh and did I mention Adam Beach will be attending these initial screenings?

We’re going to be launching a new site like for our screening schedule. In the meantime if you’re in a community and want to see the film projected in a real theatre-like experience please let me know. We will do our best to accommodate, and yes that includes into the US as well.

In the meantime the stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for us.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,100 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 52 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Adam Beach Film Institute -Official Launch

ABFI Launch Fundraiser InvitationWe’re going to be making some pretty cool announcements. If you know anyone who’d like to attend have them RSVP.


Webinar & Video

Here’s a link to the live webinar I did a couple weeks ago:

This was a lot of fun. Even more so was when I flew down to LA to shoot the How We Make Movies segment with Adam Beach in front of a live audience at Red Studios. This was like Mecca for me -as far as getting to the technological centre of it all…we shot Path Of Souls with two Epic-M’s and I wouldn’t change that choice at all.

We screened the trailer in 4K and everyone was blown away -including Adam, who had never seen content projected in 4K before.

We have a plan supported by Telefilm Canada to roll out a 4K roadshow across Canada where we take Path Of Souls to First Nation communities and screen it in 4K. I think this is going to be a real success…and Telefilm is supporting it financially because we will be the test case to demonstrate how Native films indeed have audiences, even if mainstream rejects them as ‘niche’.

Stay tuned…

In Los Angeles Next Week

For those who are interested I will be in LA next week on the 29th and 30th of May to discuss all manner of things related to Path Of Souls for “How We Make Movies” sponsored by Assimilate, the company responsible for us to be able to generate our 4K DCP and trailer. Gary Jackemuk is the online editor and colorist on the film and he will be joining me.

Here are the details:

The event is being shot at Red Studios, which is something I’m really jacked about since I am a tech junkie and unabashed Red supporter. Path Of Souls owes it’s look to Red. RedCine-X is an awesome (and free) program enabling you to do your one-light pass then come back to the digital neg later once the online process begins.

We shot with our two Epics and I’m convinced we could not have completed the film had we not shot in a two camera system. Just too much to shoot in too little time.

Path Of Souls Trailer


What do you think?

Cultural Appropriation

I must have gotten up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed the other day because I am compelled to write about an exchange I had with a White Woman who has written a script on an historical Native figure.

Our initial conversation about a month or so ago seemed to go well. I asked her to send me the script…and I got through it after making a lot of notes, and some gnashing of teeth. It was fairly typical of the non-Indian who writes something thinking they know what our culture is, how we think, how we talk, what our ideologies are, but doesn’t actually know and as a result the narrative seems fanciful.

It takes a lifetime to learn, and you have to walk several miles in our moccasins before you can speak with any authority about anything.

The other thing is this woman says she had the approval to write it…I think this is a mistake. Realistically I get it: you have someone in your tribe’s history who was an important figure and you want to share their story, so no matter who it is, as long as they make a reasonable pitch, the answer to proceed would be yes because up until now nobody cared about our stories so it’s validation.

Apparently they have a fairly significant American producer on board and are going to raise the $20 Million or so. If it gets made it will be the only opportunity in our lives to tell this story. What galls me is there’s a real intent to ‘honour’ the memory of this person but because of their own arrogance they feel they can ignore everything else as a consequence.

We need to be telling our own stories. We need to be in control of the storytelling. Yes we can bring in others who can help shape the story as a piece of art, but it has to ultimately be us who tell the stories.

On the other hand, Jim Compton and I met with a White Man awhile back who Jim had previously done a story on years ago when he was with CBC. What’s different about his manuscript is that it is legitimate and you can tell -by the writing. He has lived his life among Indian people and has participated in many of our sacred ceremonies. One such ceremony revealed he was a Lakota in a past life and his spirit wandered until he was born into the body of this White man. Sounds hard to believe but with each new detail in his life story it all makes sense…not to mention what he writes has teachings that are accurate to our culture. Needless to say Jim and I are working on this project with the hope we can bring it to audiences next year, first in the form of a documentary, and then a dramatic treatment later on.

Bottom line -an incredibly valuable asset to our communities we have yet to mine is our stories. However, it is us who needs to do the digging.

Cannes 2013

We’ve been accepted to Perspective Canada at La Marché du Film at the Cannes Film Festival with the objective to increase the international exploitation of Canadian feature-length films.

This will be my first time at Cannes (although I was supposed to go 2 years ago but got a nasty case of Poison Ivy a week before I was to leave) but Jim Compton is traveling with me and is an old pro having been twice before -and Adam Beach is coming along!

We hope to secure new partners in releasing the film, and will have some very cool announcements coming shortly including details on a Canadian theatrical release as well as broadcast deals.